FBW CM200C/D konferencijski mikrofon


FBW CM200C/D konferencijski mikrofon

OLED display screen for showing ID and channel numbers
Utilizes new anti-feedback, unidirectional, high-sensitivity capacitive sound head
The capacitive microphone stem features an aperture display for indicating the microphone’s
operating status
Ultra-low power consumption, providing over 8 hours of continuous speech time and over 20
hours of standby time
Compatible with both regular AA batteries and rechargeable lithium batteries
The system has an automatic recovery function and supports hot-plugging of the lines
Each conference unit is assigned a unique ID number

Model : CM200C/CM200D
Way of communication : UHF
Channel number : 5
Frequency range : 640MHz ~ 669.75MHz
Modulation : FM
Maximum Modulation : 60K
Raidiant power : ≦+9dBm
Frequency deviation :<0.002
Speaking distance : 10cm ~ 30cm
Power supply : DC3.7V ~ 4.5V
Power : ≤360mW
Working temperature : -10C ~ 40C
Length : 420mm
Dimension : 190*50*120mm
Weight : 0.6kg



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