FBW CM300 Infrared Wireless Conference System


FBW CM300 Infrared Wireless Conference System

Anti-eavesdropping, anti-electromagnetic interference, strong security and confidentiality
High fidelity, high signal-to-noise ratio, zero-delay transmission
System response speed is not affected by the number of units
A single host can support simultaneous use of 1000 speech units
Multiple conference speaking modes such as rotation, restriction, chairperson, etc.
Optional intelligent charging box

Way of communication : Infrared
Channel Number : 5
Frequency range : 2MHz ~ 3MHz
Demodulation : FM/FSK
Receive sensitivity : -100dBm
Output level : 0dBV/+6dBV
Frequecy response : 80Hz ~ 12kHz
S/N : >82dB
THD : <0.5%
Infrared transmission distance : ≥15m
Power supply : DC12V ~ 15V,1.0A ~ 2.0A
Working temperature : 0℃ ~ 40℃
Dimension : 483*380*100mm
Weight : 8kg


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