FBW SH48 Audio Procesor


FBW SH48 Audio Procesor

Separate delay control, 2 dynamic equalization for input channel, 6 parameter
equalization, separate input compression settings, and noise gate function
Flexible combination of multiple frequency division modes, with high and low
pass frequency division points up to 20Hz~20kHz
All channels are equipped with separate mute control and independent input
automatic gain function
The delay can be adjusted through coarse and fine adjustment modes, with
a maximum length of 1000ms. The delay units can be selected in
milliseconds (ms), meters (m), and feet (ft)

Input interface :
Output interface : 4 channel XLR female interface
Input Impedence : 8 channel XLR male interface
Output Impedence : 20k􀈤􀄍balanced􀄎
Common Mode Rejection Ratio : 100􀈤􀄍balanced􀄎
Input : >70dB􀄍1kHz􀄎
Frequency Range : 19.7Hz ~ 20kHz􀄍±0.5dB􀄎≤+16.3dBu

S/N Ratio : >104dB
Distortion : <0.01% 􀄍OUTPUT=0dBu/1kHz􀄎
Stereo Crosstalk : >100dB􀄍1kHz􀄎
Consumption : ≤ 25W
Power supply : AC110V ~ 220V 50/60Hz
Dimension : 483*213*44.5mm
Weight : 3.6kg


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