FBW CM100 Wired Conference Discussion System


FBW CM100 Wired Conference Discussion System

The control unit controls and transmits the audio signals of the conference units
One main unit can support up to 80 conference units, expandable to 250 units
The system can operate independently or be connected to a computer for control,
enabling various conference management functions (rotation mode, restriction
mode, free mode, etc.)
Equipped with a 43-inch color touch screen for easy system configuration,
conference modes, system volume control, microphone management, chairperson
management, and other functions
Includes DATA network control port, control cables can be extended up to 1000 meters
The number of simultaneously speaking microphones can be set to 1-9 or open mode
USB recording function is available
Features a 3.5mm headphone monitoring interface
Compliant with international conference equipment and safety standards, uL and CE certified
Suitable for various venues such as People’s Congresses at all levels, government and enterprise
conferences, boardrooms, and multi-function halls

Frequency response : 40Hz-16kHz
THD : <0.1%
Power : 350W
Dimension : 483*320*100mm
Weight : 11.8kg


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