FBW PA800 800W Dual-channel Power Amplifier


FBW PA800 800W Dual-channel Power Amplifier

  • ·  Stereo, parallel, and bridge working mode
  • ·  0.775V/32dB (26dB) two level gain options
  • ·  XLR balanced input, SPEAKON four core output
  • ·  Clipping limiter to prevent speaker damage
  • ·  Power amplifier output DC protection to prevent infrasound signals
  • ·  Unique short-circuit protection which support continuous sudio output
  • ·  Control power temperature to prevent overheating
  • ·  Power undervoltage protection function
  • ·  Complied to varies certificate
  • ·  High efficiency for energy saving
  • ·  Small size, light weight, 1U rack
  • ·  The AC power cord and rack installation accessories are detachable, which canbetter adapt to various installation methods.
  • ·  Low background noise and fan noise, meeting the requirements of near-field
  • ·  Meet the requirements of high reliability for live performances and conferences


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