FBW TD200 inteligentni procesor glasa


FBW TD200 inteligentni procesor glasa je unapredjena verzija uredjaja za predavanja i učionice za potpuni ugodjaj i kontrolu zvuka koje emituju mikrofoni :

Tehničke karakteristike :

  • ·  TI high-speed DSP processing chip, 32bit processing core, signal processing latency <8ms
  • ·  Support 4-way 48V phantom microphone input, 4-way speaker output
  • ·  Support 4-way differential signal input, 4-way differential signal output, 1-way USB digital signal input/output
  • ·  Feedback suppression: 8-segment spot point frequency, 8-segment floating-point frequency, adjustable

    suppression frequency, sound transmission gain boost: >15dB

  • ·  8 levels adjustable echo cancellation, 4 levels adjustable dereverberation, AI intelligent noise reduction
  • ·  Automatic gain control range: -24dB –24dB
  • ·  Support USB port tuning, device body and tuning software support one click adaptive sound field tuning,

    audio matrix tuning function is embedded.

  • ·  With sound reinforcement, interaction, recording and broadcasting functions in one machine
  • ·  Suitable for local sound reinforcement, remote interaction, normalized recording and broadcasting in middle

    and high school classrooms and other venue.


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