FBW CX88 digitalni audio matrix


FBW CX88 digitalni audio matrix

Support MP3, USB multimedia storage and recording function
Built in signal generator, automatic mixing (AM), automatic gain control (AGC)
Main algorithms such as Feedback Cancellation (AFC) and Echo Cancellation (AEC)
Input channels: front-end amplifier, signal generator, expander, compressor,
5-segment parameter equalization
Output channel: 31 segment graphic equalization, delayer, frequency divider,
high low pass filter, limiter, built-in component matrix adjustment function
Built-in graphical visualization feedback suppression function interface
Integrated automatic camera tracking function
Power off automatic memory protection function
Supports 48V phantom power supply
Having multiple device interfaces (USB, WIFI, TCP/IP)

Input Interface :
Output Interface : 2×4 input interfaces (multi-channel Phoenix port)
GPIO Control Interface : 2×4 output interfaces (multi-channel Phoenix port)
Input Impedence : 12 logic inputs, 4 voltage output control
Output Impedence : Balanced: 9.4kΩ Unbalanced: 4.7kΩ
Computer Interface : Balanced: 100Ω Unbalanced: 50Ω
Inputs CMRR : RS485 (Phoenix port),RJ-45 (Wired network interface) ≥78 dBu


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