FBW PT8 Smart Power Sequencer


FBW PT8 Smart Power Sequencer

Configure a 2.2 inch colored TFT-LCD display
Real time display of current voltage, date, time, and channel switch status
Intelligent delay and timed opening/closing of 8-way switch channels to
prevent current surges (0-999s)
Independent switches for each channel
Built in clock chip, capable of setting 10 timers, intelligent switch for each
USB: 5V500A current, capable of plugging in USB light, connecting to mobile
phone charging, etc
The pure copper universal socket design provides stable high current,
under/over voltage protection, and can be customized with protection values to
prevent equipment damage caused by voltage instability
Configure RS232 and RS485 interfaces, support cascading and central device control
Rated total output current: 40A Single channel output current: 20A
Suitable for fixed installation occasions such as stage performances, home cinemas,
KTV rooms, and conference rooms

Power supply : AC 100~240V 50~60Hz
Single Channel Rated output current : 20A
Rated output current : 40A
Time interval of each step in timing control : 1~999s
Technical specification :

USB interface : DC 5V 500mA
Power supply interface :
Dimension :
Weight :



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